Acapture Global Ecommerce Payment Solutions

Acapture combines with Payvision and PayPlaza to form Payvision Group, offering a full suite of omnichannel payment tools. Access Acapture’s alternative payment solutions, Payvision’s global card acquiring network and PayPlaza’s POS/mPOS technology from one central interface.

Global acquiring network

  • Global domestic acquiring with the same quality in each region
  • ONE payment platform from Payvision for all countries, regions, channels and currencies
  • ONE internationally approved risk and underwriting protocol
  • ONE high-end reporting interface
  • 150+ transaction currencies

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Cross-border ecommerce

  • Broad global coverage
  • Country-specific expertise and insight
  • Deep knowledge of preferred regional payment methods
  • Swift cross-border reconciliation & settlement
  • Optimized payment mix per country

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Conversion rates

  • International and local payment processing
  • Customizable checkout pages
  • Payment mixes that drive conversion rates
  • Tokenization for secure and easy checkout
  • Preferred local card and alternative payments

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Alternative payments

  • Domestic & international payment options to maximize conversion rates
  • Customized payment mixes with 60+ alternative methods
  • Local market expertise from regional payment specialists
  • Rapid on-boarding
  • One simple integration

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Simplify international ecommerce payments with our global network.

The Acapture Platform

If you are frustrated by the complexity of the online payment process slowing down your business expansion, then this is the solution you have been waiting for.

As Acapture is not held down by any existing, bloated legacy platform, we built ours from scratch to suit the modern market. You can integrate with it in a day, before putting all its sophisticated but simple-to-use tools to work, maximizing your global sales conversions.

Omnichannel made easy.

Omnichannel Ecommerce

Do you want to take advantage of the huge opportunities offered in the omnichannel ecommerce era? With Acapture, you will be equipped with all the things you need to attract the rapidly increasing group of consumers who shop anytime, anywhere and from any device.

  •  Mobile app & mobile optimized payment pages
  • Works in POS and online environments
  • One process to handle every transaction type

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Business insight.

Flexible Reporting

Understanding how your customers behave while browsing and buying on your site has never been easier, thanks to Acapture’s simple data presentation. You decide what activity you want to monitor and how you want to see the information laid out, allowing you to make clear, incisive analytical decisions.

  • Personalize the dashboard to suit your needs
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Graphical payment and chargeback analysis

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Simple integration via REST API.


To get access to all our global payment methods, you just need to integrate one RESTful open API. Our comprehensive developer portal has copy-and-paste functionality for testing payment forms, integration setups and payment transactions.

  • Customizable, PCI compliant payment pages
  • One connection to access global payment methods
  • Integrates in one day and starts processing

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Proactive risk management.

Risk & Fraud Management

While Acapture provides pioneering payment solutions, this never comes at the expense of top level security and service. With active/active data centers, Acapture’s payment solution stays running continuously and efficiently regardless of how busy things get. Meanwhile, cutting edge features such as tokenization safeguard every transaction for both you and your customer. We offer:

  • 120+ built-in risk checks
  • Plugins to external providers
  • Automated processes and scoring rules

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