Virtual Commerce

Virtual Commerce

A hands on, practical guide to setting up a Virtual Reality (VR) retail strategy

With the latest gear available from as little as $20, VR is no longer just for gamers. More and more merchants are experimenting with VR as part of their sales and marketing strategies.

Virtual and augmented reality allow retailers to implement a try-before-you-buy sales function, adds novelty for younger millennial consumers, and bring products to life. What’s more, VR serves as an insightful data collection point, allowing for deeper understanding of how, where and why customers choose to shop.

This must-read report offers answers to all the strategic questions that ambitious merchant might have before adopting a VR strategy, including:

  • How does VR increase engagement?
  • Why is VR data more valuable than ecommerce data?
  • How does AI and VR bring data to life?
  • How are top brands using VR?
  • What should you first consider before testing VR?
  • How can you implement an affordable VR webshop as one of your sales channels?

Solutions for VR retail

So far, plenty of retailers have used VR to showcase products or services but few have applied an end-to-end virtual commerce strategy. The cutting edge, scalable Acapture VR Webstore technology is one of the first of its kind available in Europe. First implemented by Boatsters, a world leading rental platform for yachts and boats, it allows customers to browse and buy in the VR environment. Find out more.

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