The Global Gaming Market Report

The Global Gaming Market: Essential Statistics

The global gaming market continues to grow at a rapid pace in every major region. With worldwide revenue hitting USD99.6 billion last year, it is a great time to be developing gaming content, with lucrative opportunities for international growth around every corner.

Yet this is also a brutally competitive industry and an unpredictable one. Driven by technological innovation, rising economic prosperity and high consumer expectations, trying to second guess where the market will move next can be tricky. And yet, gaming companies that fail to adequately plan for the future will be left in the dust by their better informed, better prepared competitors.

That makes this infographic from gaming payment service provider Acapture an invaluable tool.

Within the pagers of this glossy report, you will find essential statistics from various trusted industry sources. Illustrated with slick, easy to follow graphics, these statistics paint a compelling overview of a dynamic sector, filled with attractive opportunities and potential pitfalls.

From the revenue growth in the all the major regions to the state of play in the biggest gaming countries, the most popular platforms, the continued rise of mobile and more, all the key topics are covered. It’s a quick, sleek primer for any gaming merchant with ambitions to grow internationally over the coming years.

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