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Test card numbers

Please click here to access the test cards. Declined card simulation is not specific to any test card number.

To simulate all the error codes, merchant should submit "customParameters[forceResultCode] = Desired result code” in the request.
E.g. customParameters[forceResultCode] =800.100.100
Sample checkout request:
authentication.userId= Your account userID
authentication.password= Your account password
authentication.entityId= Your account entityId
customParameters [forceResultCode]
=800.100.100 [Pass any code that you want to simulate]

Merchant can use the customParameters[forceResultCode] request attribute for both server to server and COPYandPAY integration API calls.

Test cards to simulate different 3D secure results [ECI] can be found

What is the Acapture REST based API? What is the input and output data format for request and response?

Acapture API has been designed as a REST API. It uses the HTTP protocol as its foundation. Each resource is accessible under a clearly named URL. HTTP Verbs like GET and POST are used to interact with the resources. We use JSON for all of our response payloads, including error messages. Our system supports Content-Type header application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8.

All these characteristics mean that you will be able to use standard off the shelf software to interact with Acapture. To make the integration even easier, Acapture also has various plug-ins and SDKs. Click here to identify the best solutions for your business.

What different environments does Acapture support?

Acapture allows you to connect to three different environments, each with their own characteristics.

Shared Sandbox demonstrates the capabilities of the API and the Acapture payment server

  • Hosted by Acapture with standard configuration. Click here
  • No setup required
  • Modify our APIs on the fly
  • Transactions have no financial impact
  • Limited support
  • No access to Business Intelligence Platform

Staging your own dedicated test platform and account

  • Accessible by Acapture clients
  • Transactions have no financial impact
  • Setup is custom and according to your wishes
  • Full access to the Business Intelligence Platform
  • Sample report files
  • Full Support

Production Live transactions

  • Accessible by Acapture clients
  • Transactions have financial impact
  • Setup is custom and according to your wishes
  • Full access to the Business Intelligence Platform
  • Full access to Report files
  • Full support