• Simplifies complex multidirectional split payments
  • PSD2 compliant – new legislation won't disrupt business
  • Sign-up new sellers quickly
  • Funds go direct to seller's bank account – no wallets needed
  • Takes care of regional regulation and currency conversion
  • Adapts to your existing platform – your partners won't know we're there



A solution for online marketplaces, OTAs and sharing economy platforms

Simplify and unify complex international transactions

Dealing with transactions that need to be divided and then settled in various directions manually drains time, drains resources and runs the risk of human error. SlicePay automates this process, removing the potential for miscalculation and freeing up resources and manpower in your business. This is ideal for companies like online marketplaces, online travel agencies and those in the sharing economy.











How SlicePay works

Your platform receives a single payment from the buyer, which our solution then splits between the sellers involved in the transaction, in the right currency, at the right time and in compliance with any and all regulations. Regardless of your business model and logic, you decide how much needs to be paid and when it will be paid. The automated system takes care of the rest.
















Become completely compliant with PSD2 

Under the new Payment Services Directive, from January 2018 onwards companies such as online marketplaces and online travel agencies may be required to become licensed payment institutions. Doing so can be extremely costly, in terms of time, money and resources. With SlicePay from Acapture, however, you can continue operating as normal.

Will PSD2 affect your organization? Take the free PSD2 test and find out today.









We don’t get between you and your buyer

With Acapture, the sellers and buyers on your platform never need to know who is handling your payments. When you integrate with SlicePay, you can handle funds from an account with one of our partner banks. The account is in your business' name, though we manage it. Safety is ensured as the account is part of our secure trust. So, when a remittance is made to a buyer or seller, the recipient only sees your name on their statement.









We don’t get between you and your buyer










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