• Automates and simplifies split settlements
  • Eliminates the risk of human error when handling complicated payments
  • Takes care of foreign exchange and regional regulations
  • Reduces the time spent handling payments involving multiple parties
  • Solves the issues of PSD2 with no disruption to your business
  • Provides escrow services if required
SlicePay automates and simplifies split settlements

Simplify and unify complex international transactions

When ecommerce payments need to be split, things quickly get complicated

Dividing a transaction manually drains time, resources and money. If the recipients operate in different regions, varying financial regulations and currency exchanges come into play.


SlicePay ensures even the most complex transaction is settled with minimum hassle

SlicePay unifies, simplifies and speeds up split settlements. You simply tell us which parties should be paid, how much, at what time and in which currency and our automated system does the rest. It sends the funds to the correct bank or PayPal account.

SlicePay solves the issue of online travel payments

SlicePay solves the issue of PSD2 with no disruption to your business

Under new EU regulation, companies such as online marketplaces and online travel agencies may be required to become licensed payment institutions. With SlicePay from Acapture, however, you can continue operating as normal.
Find out all you need to know about PSD2.


How SlicePay works

Consumer purchases product on merchant’s site

Merchant’s settings instruct Acapture to split the payment between various third parties

Acapture settles payment with each supplier in the indicated currency

Acapture settles remaining money with the merchant

Ideal for:

Online travel agencies

Shared economy




“Acapture offers the most effective solution for marketplaces with features like SlicePay for handling split settlements.”
Mark Studholme
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