Innovation for the modern platform

Automates multi-directional payments for ecommerce platforms. Perfect for online marketplaces, franchises, online travel agencies and P2P models.


Simplifies and unifies complex international transactions

Use SlicePay to automate complex cross-border split settlements without disrupting your business processes. It's designed to optimize your payment flow while freeing up time and resources to bring real value to your business. 


Instant onboarding makes satisfied sellers

SlicePay instantly onboards new sellers to your platform with our simple-to-integrate API. This way, you can start slicing instantly and they can see the funds coming in right away. If needed, we can also handle the required Know-Your-Customer checks and validation.


Your recipients get paid the way they want 

SlicePay sends the funds direct to the recipient's bank account in their local currency. No worries about wallets slowing down your payment flow. Currently, SlicePay supports payouts to all SEPA countries plus the Nordics, Switzerland, the UK and countries in Eastern Europe.


New PSD2 regulation? We're fully compliant

By outsourcing some or all of your processing to Acapture, you can rest assured you stay compliant with 2018's game-changing EU legislation like PSD2 and GDPR. In particular, you don't need to worry about PSD2's changes to the Commercial Agent Exemption impacting your growth.




How it works

Online travel agencies

SlicePay keeps online travel agencies in control of their split payouts. The holiday maker’s funds are kept safe and secure until the order has been fully processed and they’ve checked in to their accommodation, got on their flight or picked up their vehicle. The result is maximum customer security and satisfaction on every transaction.


Advanced reporting: the info you need in the format you prefer

SlicePay reports come via AceControl, Acapture's flexible, innovative reporting portal. You can easily break down how your split payments are being handled both in an overview and on a per-transaction basis, ensuring you get the information you need, clearly and quickly.


Eliminate the risk of content abuse 

Concerned about sellers misrepresenting their products and services on your platform? Acapture has you covered. Our AceProtect fraud solution is designed to precisely identify content abuse, making it easy to eradicate it from your site.


We don't get between you and the buyer

If needed, SlicePay can remit funds from a dedicated virtual account in your name. This way, our name never appears on your recipient's statements – just yours. The recipient doesn't need to know we're there at all. 

We don’t get between you and your buyer



What happens when I integrate with SlicePay? 4 quick steps…

Once you've onboarded with Acapture, your account manager activates SlicePay. Right away, your team can now integrate the solution seamlessly into your system using our flexible RESTful API.

We like to keep things simple. That’s why, when it comes to KYC, we give you options: you can use our automated KYC service or handle it yourself. Either way, onboarding is done in an instant via some simple API calls.

You can now start slicing incoming funds between your boarded recipients and access reports on all of their balances.

You remain in control of when you payout to each recipient. You can choose to initiate scheduled payouts or base it on a minimum balance or tipping point model. The scalable SlicePay solution adapts to your business’ needs.


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