A payments platform built especially for global retail

Streamline your retail payments with our one-stop omnichannel solution – for desktop, mobile and in-store integration.

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A seamless customer experience

Empower your customers to browse and buy

Whenever they want

No matter where they are


Exactly what you need to keep growing

Acapture offers global card acquiring, alternative payment methods, POS, split settlements and all the solutions you need in today’s evolving omnichannel environment. Take advantage of integration in hours with one RESTful API, a fully customizable checkout page and one consolidated reconciliation and settlement for all channels.


Get to know your shoppers with Tokenization

Our Tokenization tool lets you identify customers and track how they’re interacting with your website. Getting a dynamic profile of users means you can keep customers coming back, plus make sure your products are attractive to newcomers.


Clear reporting, all in one spot

With Acapture, you’ll get one customizable report that gives you an easy-to-use overview of your omnichannel sales performance and incoming cash flow. Now your whole sales strategy can be supported by a solid foundation of up-to-date info.

Restful API

Make things easy with SlicePay

Handling payments with multiple suppliers and currencies adds unnecessary steps for your Finance Department. With SlicePay, it’s all taken care of for you. We separate payments, make sure each piece is in the correct currency and then send it to the right recipient.

Simplify your split payments with SlicePay.

Harnessing technologies to boost your business

Consumers are evolving at an exponentially rapid rate. In Acapture’s free white paper, you can find out all about the latest retail trends, including:

  • How people are browsing, shopping and buying
  • Machine learning in your business strategy
  • Top technologies on the scene

Today's landscape in retail

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