• A single, omnichannel platform for desktop, mobile and POS payments
  • One consolidated reconciliation and settlement for all channels
  • Tokenization identifies and profiles your consumers
  • Expert regional knowledge from an established, international PSP
  • Integrates in hours with one RESTful API
  • A fully customizable hosted checkout page
Payment solution for retail industry

The payment solution built for global retail

Everything you need to continue your growth

As a new PSP, Acapture is not tied down to the out-of-date legacy platforms that hold back our competitors. Our solution is built for the pace and complexity of today’s omnichannel retail environment. As a Payvision company, however, we can back this up with the knowledge of an industry leader. We offer global card acquiring, alternative payment methods, POS, split settlement and every payment tool you need to maximize your revenue.

Monitor your shoppers with Tokenization

Acapture’s Tokenization allows you to identify customers and monitor their behaviour when they visit your website. This vital profiling tool makes encouraging repeat business and attracting new business much simpler.

Consolidated Reporting

With Acapture, you get a single, customizable report that presents a clear overview of your omnichannel sales performance and incoming cash flow. This way, your entire sales strategy is built upon a solid groundwork of accurate information.

SlicePay makes things easy

Handling payments that involve multiple suppliers and various currencies piles work on your Finance Department. With SlicePay from Acapture, it’s all taken care of for you. We separate the payment, convert each portion into the right currency and then release it to the right recipient.

Ensure even the most complex payment is easy with SlicePay.

SlicePay solves the issue of online travel payments

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Global card acquiring
80+ alternative payment methods
160+ transaction currencies
All major webshop plugins
Point-of-sale solutions
120+ risk checks and plugins
24/7 follow-the-sun support