The world’s most popular card brand

  • An omnichannel platform for all Visa payments, whether desktop, mobile or POS
  • A single integration for all your card transactions
  • Increase your conversions with local acquiring
  • Acapture optimizes your interchange fees

A must-have for every merchant

With $112.91 billion in yearly transactions and a global reputation for reliability and convenience, Visa is the world’s most used credit card.

Acapture’s platform allows your shoppers to make quick, secure purchases with their Visa cards, maximizing your revenue and encouraging growth.

Used in 58% of global credit card transactions

Accept online, POS and mobile Visa payments

Rapid dispute management

24/7 follow-the-sun support

Why you can rely on Acapture’s card acquiring

Though Acapture’s platform is built for the pace of modern retail, our card acquiring is powered by sister company Payvision – an award winning leader in the field of card payments for over a decade.

So when you choose Acapture’s solution to support your Visa transactions, you’re relying on the experience and knowledge of the one of the world’s leading card specialists.

How does it work?

The consumer chooses to pay with their
card and is redirected to Acapture’s aquiring network

Real-time confirmation of the payment is sent to both the merchant and the consumer

Funds are sent from the consumer’s bank account to the acquirer

The acquirer forwards the funds to Acapture’s bank account

Acapture settles funds to the merchant

Start accepting payments with Acapture