Qiwi wallet

Russia’s leading online payment

  • High level of brand recognition
  • 53% of the Russian population knows the brand and uses the service
  • 40% of the population associates QIWI with reliability and simplicity

Preferred payment

QIWI electronic payments allow consumers to pay online using a wide variety of devices and communication channels. Qiwi cash, prepaid cards, and other methods of non-cash payments can be used to pay for utilities, communication services, travel and online goods.

QIWI payments can be made through terminals, the internet and mobile applications

Market leader in Russia with
a marketshare of 45%

40,000 merchants

Available in 20 countries

24/7 follow-the-sun support


Ruble (RUB)



The simplest system

One of the key reasons for Paytrail’s popularity is its ease-of-use. All the shopper needs to do to purchase an item from your online store is select their bank and log-in to its system to confirm the payment.

They are then automatically directed back to your site, making for a smooth checkout that keeps focus on your brand.

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