Reach 188 million consumers worldwide

  • Accept payments from the world’s most recognized ewallet
  • User friendly transfers for millions of consumers
  • Used in 203 countries across the world
  • The preferred online and mobile payment choice in the UK

A trusted way for consumers to pay online

One of the biggest and most recognized names in all online payments, PayPal has been synonymous with quick, easy and secure transactions since 2002.

With 188 million active accounts across the globe, there are truly few better ways to open your business up to a massive consumer base.

It’s also the most popular desktop and mobile payment method in many of the world’s most lucrative online markets, including the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

Acapture allows you to handle PayPal transactions from a streamlined, merchant-friendly platform.

9 million payments daily

Accepted by 7 million businesses

Handles 26 currencies

24/7 follow-the-sun support

Why PayPal makes life easy for buyers

PayPal revolutionized the payment industry because it used web technology to make payments as simple as possible for consumers.

All PayPal account holders need to trigger a payment is their email and their password.

This kind of simplicity and speed is ideal for the ecommerce age, where every shopper is in a hurry. The net result for your business?

Happier customers and more conversions.

Start accepting payments with Acapture