Accepted worldwide

  • An omnichannel platform for all JCB payments, whether desktop, mobile or POS
  • Popular in the lucrative Japanese market
  • Use local acquirers to boost conversions
  • The best interchange fees

An essential card brand

With more than 89 million cardholders worldwide, JCB is a hugely popular payment method.

Acapture’s solution allows you to accept payments made by JCB online, in store or via mobile.

89 million users

Accept desktop, POS and mobile JCB payments

Rapid dispute management

120+ risk checks

Card payments from a trusted innovator

Acapture’s sister company Payvision has been a leader in the field of global card acquiring for more than a decade.

When you integrate Acapture’s platform, you get the best of everything: the dynamic flexibility of a startup and the power of a proven card network.

How does it work?

The consumer chooses to pay with their
card and is redirected to Acapture’s aquiring network

Real-time confirmation of the payment is sent to both the merchant and the consumer

Funds are sent from the consumer’s bank account to the acquirer

The acquirer forwards the funds to Acapture’s bank account

Acapture settles funds to the merchant

Start accepting payments with Acapture