The number one payment method in the Netherlands

  • No fraud or default risk
  • No cancellations
  • No minimum or maximum amounts
  • Low payment processing fees
  • Known and familiar consumer banking environment

12.5 million potential consumers

56 percent of all online payments in the Netherlands

Offered by more than 100.000 webshops

26 percent growth of processed transactions between 2013 – 14

Payment in a known banking environment

Set up as an online payment method by leading Dutch banks in 2005, iDEAL is now the most popular and preferred online payment method in the Netherlands.

Using iDEAL, Dutch consumers pay directly through their own bank through an online

bank transfer, providing merchants with real-time guaranteed payment.

In the Netherlands, webshops, public utilities, charities and municipalities all take advantage of this simple form of payment.




the Netherlands

How does it work?

Consumer selects iDeal and is redirected to their banking environment

Real-time confirmation of the payment is sent to both merchant and consumer

Funds are sent from consumer’s bank account to Acapture’s bank account

Funds are sent to merchant

Start accepting payments with Acapture