Easy and secure online bank transfers for the German market

  • Real-time authorization
  • No chargeback risk
  • No minimum of maximum amounts
  • Low payment processing fees
  • Known and familiar consumer banking environment

An easy way for German shoppers to buy

giropay is an online payment method focused on the German market that allows consumers to pay via their internet banking interface.

In a market where card payments are not dominant, this allows you to accept payments from any consumer with a bank account, whether they hold a credit card or not.

17 million consumers

Accessible to 80% of German bank accounts

Supported by more than 1,500 banks

One of Germany’s leading payment methods

Guarantee your payments with giropay

When a buyer makes a purchase using giropay, the payment cannot be reversed. This makes it extremely attractive for merchants working in industries with a high risk of cancellation, such as digital or travel.

Plus, as the buyer can speed through checkout without any fields to fill in, it reduces purchase time and boosts conversions.





How does it work?

Consumer selects giropay and is redirected to their banking environment

Real-time confirmation of payment is sent to both merchant and consumer

Funds are sent from consumer’s bank account to Acapture’s bank account

Funds are sent to merchant

Start accepting payments with Acapture