Flexible payments and higher conversions

  • A localized feel and user experience for each region
  • Instant payment confirmation
  • No chargebacks or rolling reserves
  • Flexible settlement time frames

Reaching new markets through carrier billing

With Daopay, buyers purchase products online and simply add the cost to their mobile or landline bill.

Across the world, it’s regularly used to buy virtual goods such as games, music, videos, subscriptions, software and more.

This allows you to target the increasing number of shoppers who either don’t use a credit card or want the quickest, simplest checkout when shopping via mobile.

2 billion+ customers worldwide

Payments in all major currencies

Available in 60 countries

All major currencies


Euro (EUR)


Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Boost your mcommerce sales

A fast, user friendly billing option, Daopay is ideal for small online purchases and regular, recurring payments.

Using it could not be simpler. As easily as dialling a number or sending a text, the buyer can confirm the payment and access your product.

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