Boleto Bancário

Brazil’s #2 payment method for ecommerce

  • We take care of the local taxes on your behalf
  • No entity in Brazil needed
  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil
  • No chargeback risks

Flexible payment options for an emerging market

Boleto Bancário is a popular Brazilian payment method that allows a shopper to make online purchases at a bank, at an ATM or via internet banking.
In Brazil, a large percentage of the population does not own a bank account. This has made Boleto Bancário a prevalent solution amongst the country’s legion of online shoppers.

Boleto Bancário is used regularly for both B2B and B2C payments. There is no extra cost to the shopper when making the payment and the merchant receives notification of Boleto payments every business day.

50 million potential users

20% market share

48,000 electronic banking points

40% of Brazilian online


Brazilian Real (BRL)



Maximize your reach and revenue

70% of Brazil’s domestic credit cards cannot be used to make international transactions, while a large swath of its population does not use cards at all.

That’s why Boleto Bancário is essential for anybody looking to crack the market. An official payment method regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank, Boleto uses a very similar process to that of a bank transfer.

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