The essential payment method for the Belgian market

  • Support payments from the majority of Belgian buyers
  • Trusted, secure process
  • Real-time payment success notification
  • Ship your products straight away

A must-have for every merchant

Bancontact/Mister Cash (BC/MC) is, by a huge distance, the most popular payment method in the busy Belgian market.

This debit card system enjoys a 90% market share in the country, dominating both POS and online sales in every industry.

8 million+ users

Supported by all Belgian banks

Zero payment default risk

Follow-the-sun support

Build trust, boost sales

All consumers need to do to execute a payment using BC/MC is log in using their card number and confirm the transaction via TAN.

As the vast majority of Belgian transactions are handled in this manner, it allows your customer to pay in a method they know is secure, fast and easy.

How does it work?

Consumer selects BCMC and is redirected to their banking environment

Real-time confirmation of payment is sent to both merchant and consumer

Funds are sent from consumer’s bank account to Acapture’s bank account

Acapture settles funds with merchant

Start accepting payments with Acapture