Online Marketplace Payments – White Paper

Online Marketplace Payments

A white paper investigating a complex question that demands a simple answer

According to research from the Ecommerce Foundation, by 2020 39% of the worldwide online retail market will be controlled by marketplaces. Yet there is one major issue that is blighting all of these multi-vendor ecommerce platforms, from the smallest niche players to the industry leading giants. That issue is payments.

Payments for online marketplaces are specifically complicated due to the large number of parties between which funds need to be split and new legislation such as the New Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that could drastically hinder growth.

The Online Marketplace Payments report offers an in-depth look at the issues surrounding marketplace payments – from split settlements to PSD2 and more – investigating why they are so complicated, discussing the influencing factors and offering expert advice on how these problems can be solved.