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What payment methods and services does Acapture offer?

Acapture supports a variety of debit, credit and real-time bank transfer solutions plus wallet, mobile billing and gateway solutions.

Our services include authorization, capture, 3DSecure, Address Verification Service, recurring and scheduled recurring. Fraud prevention, tokenization, one-click payments, data migration and risk management are also part of our offering.

In which countries is Acapture available?

Acapture provides a solution for both credit cards and alternative payment methods covering 170+ countries in 160+ currencies. Please check our payment methods page.

How can interfacing with Acapture be established?

There are 3 ways to interface with our platform:

  1. Server-2-Server connection (if you are PCI Compliant)
  2. Our Copy&Pay solution (if you want a customizable hosted payment page or when you want to stay in the scope of the PCI-DSS SAQ-A)
  3. A variety of shopping cart plugins

Please check our developer portal for more details, including our sandbox and RESTful API details.

What is Acapture’s pricing model?

Our pricing model is transaction based, meaning you will be charged based on the transactions that run through our platform. Pricing includes:

  • Cost of the payment method/acquirer
  • Reconciliation and collecting of funds in our safeguarding account
  • Sandbox and test account setup
  • Integration
  • Token migration

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