• Card and alternative payment methods in 160+ currencies
  • Recurring billing and simple one-click payments
  • Solutions for PC, console, app-based, browser, free-to-play and more
  • Integrate in just a few hours with 1 RESTful API
  • Tokenization, data science management and flexible reporting help boost authorization rates

Payment solution for gaming industry

Our solution lets gamers pay quickly and securely

Recurring billing means long lasting subscriptions

Acapture’s recurring billing ensures your customers keep playing and paying. You choose the amount, currency, frequency and duration of the billing plan and we do the rest. You’re free to adjust, extend or terminate it as you wish at any stage.

Payment solution for gaming industry

Reach gamers in every market

Gaming is a global industry. To maximize your revenue, you’ll want a solution that is flexible enough to accept payments in each regional market. With global card acquiring and over 80 of the world’s most popular payment methods, Acapture can create a platform that is tailored to the payment preferences of gamers in your target regions.

Every local payment method at your disposal.

Payment solution for gaming industry

Add smooth payments to your mobile and online games

Are your games made for mobile and online play? Choose Acapture and equip yourself with everything you need to monetize your product smoothly and securely, such as dynamic mobile checkouts, in-app payments, one-click payments and more.

Give your gamers a smooth checkout.

Payment solution for gaming industry

Complete security for you and your consumers

Protect your buyer’s data while locking out fraudsters with Acapture’s exhaustive list of over 120 risk checks and plugins. Our anti-fraud team have in-depth knowledge of each region’s risk-level, so can put together the ideal package of tools and features to allow you to do business in your target markets securely.

Lock sensitive data behind an airtight wall of security.

Complete security for you and your consumers

“Since we began using Acapture to handle our payments, we’ve seen higher authorization rates and higher uptime across our payment processes. And they’ve made it simple for us to move into new regions.”


Payments Manager,

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Global card acquiring
80+ alternative payment methods
Mobile payment solutions

One-click payments
Recurring billing
120+ risk checks and plugins