Future Trends in Consumer Behavior

A thorough analysis of consumer preferences and connected technology from 2017 to 2020

Generation Z and millennials are now the biggest group of global shoppers collectively, and their shopping habits and consumer behavior will have a significant impact on ecommerce and traditional retail in the near future.

Our research has shown that, while our youngest consumers are creating a continuous digital footprint through connected devices, they value in-store shopping as much as ecommerce. Omnichannel commerce, with a focus on personalization and experience, should be a primary focus for retailers looking ahead to 2020.

Our Acapture white paper Future Trends in Consumer Behavior analyzes the preferences of these young, globally-minded shoppers, and the latest trends in tech that will facilitate their behavior. We outline the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning to utilize huge reams of consumer data, the developments in virtual and augmented reality to unite the experiences of in-store and online, and how blockchain technology will be the vehicle for real-time, cross-border payments.

This paper is the ultimate guide for retailers shaping their domestic and cross-border commerce strategies for the next three years. With analysis presented from a regional perspective as well as global, it is packed with all the latest consumer data, real use cases, predictions and actionable insight on tomorrow’s shopping landscape.

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