Advanced fraud
powered by
machine learning

Acapture is partnering with Sift Science to provide a real-time solution that combines the best of human and machine intelligence to stop fraud and optimize conversion.

A new approach to fraud

Why machine learning?

Traditional, inflexible rule-based fraud prevention solutions regularly deliver false positives, locking out legitimate buyers when they wrongly detect fraudulent behavior. Machine learning, however, allows solutions to monitor buyer behavior and calculate a fraud score based on a countless data sets and signals. This offers unmatched accuracy, ensuring precise fraud detection and supporting higher authorization rates.

In a nutshell, Live Machine Learning enables Acapture to instantly predict whether a customer is trustworthy or not, so they can approve the order, block it, or provide additional screening.


Break the rules, trust the score

Inflexible rules-based fraud solutions deliver too many false positives, locking out legitimate buyers or placing roadblocks in their purchase path. In contrast, machine learning continuously monitors behavioral, identity, and other data to calculate a highly accurate fraud score. The result? More approvals and higher conversion.

Lock out fraudsters

The highly dynamic and scalable platform is the only machine learning fraud solution that updates in real-time, so that if fraud is attempted on any of Sift Science global network of 6,000+ customers’ sites or apps, you’ll be able to prevent similar behavior on your site – instantly.