• An omnichannel solution for card and alternative payment methods
  • Supports smooth mobile and point-of-sale transactions
  • SlicePay makes split settlements simple
  • Tokenization identifies and profiles your buyers
  • One RESTful API means quick integration
Payment solution for Franchises

The ideal payment service for franchise companies

Accept payments through every channel

Our omnichannel solution equips your franchise with all the tools you need to accept payments from every customer. With global card acquiring and over 80 of the world’s most popular payment methods, we can support your expansion into all major regions, while our variety of desktop, POS and mobile payment solutions ensure you can accept transactions via all channels.

Payment solution for Franchises

Keep your payment data secure

Acapture’s platform keeps fraudsters out. With a massive menu of over 120 risk checks and plugins, we can create precisely the right combination of tools and features to ensure maximum safety regardless of your target region and demographic.

Make sure your franchise stays safe with our risk management tools.

SlicePay solves the issue of online travel payments

SlicePay for automated, error free split payments

As a franchise company, you regularly need to split payments between various parties. If done manually, this becomes complex. SlicePay from Acapture automates the entire process, removing the risk of human error and ensuring each portion is converted to the correct currency and transferred to the correct recipient’s account at the correct time.

Take the hassle out of splitting funds.

SlicePay solves the issue of online travel payments

Recurring billing boosts long-term loyalty

Could your franchise company benefit from signing buyers up to long-term subscriptions? Then our solution has everything you need. Recurring billing allows you to choose the amount, currency, frequency and duration of each subscriber’s payment plan and, from then on, the cash is collected in a secure, automated system.

Start accepting payments with Acapture


Global card acquiring
80+ alternative payment methods

Mobile payment solutions

SlicePay for split settlements
120+ risk checks and plugins
Recurring billing