Data Science for Payment Optimization

  • Our data team mines the data behind each transaction to offer complete payment transparency
  • Detects what banks or cards are commonly declined so merchant can tweak their processes
  • Routes transactions to right network and connection to optimize chances of authorization
  • Offers a new level of insight into technical changes needed to lower payment costs
  • Scientifically identifies risky customers to decrease fraud
  • Automatically reacts to refusals due to technical outages at the bank to find a working connection to handle the transaction
Data Science for Payment Optimization

Higher authorization rates maximize revenue

Where, once, merchants received only the barest of information from their PSPs regarding what payments had succeeded and what payments had been declined, today a whole new level of insight is available. By analyzing the information behind each transaction, we can return valuable advice to the merchant on how to eliminate elements of their process that prevent payments from being authorized.

Data Science Payment Optimization

Fraud reduction with superb accuracy

Data science gives us the power to study and track the patterns and activities of fraudulent transactions with superb accuracy. Using website profiles, device usage history and network history, we can detect fraud with greater correctness and speed, while more efficiently protecting honest business.

Data Science Payment Optimization

A clear view of the consumer

Data science allows us to understand consumer shopping patterns with a clarity never before possible, regardless of how many customer touch points you have. Drawing together information from both point-of-sale and ecommerce operations, we get a complete view of the customer’s journey so we can optimize our ecommerce solutions for merchants and minimize fraud.

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The Acapture data science team

Acapture’s data science team is made up of payment professionals with a passion for data and an unmatched attention to detail. Through deep, on-going analysis, it identifies the causes of declined transactions and gives our clients all the information they need to remedy them in future.

Data Science Payment Optimization

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