Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographic UAE 2015

Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographic UAE 2015

The UAE is a country occupied by a large number expatriates with high disposable income. The ecommerce sector has almost doubled since 2014 as a result.

Over 90% of the Emirati population has a high speed Internet connection, and over 70% are buying online. All of which makes for a very lucrative market to target now and in the future.

Our infographic is well worth reading for anybody involved in cross-border ecommerce, by answering questions such as:

  • What are the most popular payment methods in UAE?
  • Which are the most popular products purchased by Emirati consumers?
  • Where do most of UAE’s imports come from and which countries does it export to?

Here you’ll find all the most crucial data on online retail in UAE, laid out in clear detail with neat graphics and icons. With stats on smartphone penetration, payment preferences, buyer behavior and much more, this is your stepping stone to the booming Emirati market.

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