Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographic Thailand 2015

Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographic Thailand 2015

Known for its tourism and travel industry more than its online retail, Thailand is an emerging ecommerce landscape. Now it’s establishing itself as one of Asia’s best performing markets.

With the 14 million online consumers making up only 22% of the population, Thai ecommerce has plenty of space to grow. Now is the perfect time for a cross-border merchant to enter the market.

Our infographic is essential reading for planning to sell in Thailand, by addressing issues such as:

  • Which products do Thai shoppers buy most online?
  • What are the top online retail websites in Thailand?
  • What are the preferred payment methods in Thailand?

Here you will find detailed information on all the most important elements of the sector, from mobile commerce to popular products to consumer behavior and much, much more.

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