Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographic New Zealand 2015

Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographic New Zealand 2015

As a remote, island nation with slower than average wifi connectivity, ecommerce has been sluggish to develop in New Zealand.

New Zealanders often buy online from overseas, with domestic ecommerce offering less choice and higher prices. The local market has now picked up, with 21% growth since 2014, so more merchants are setting up shop in New Zealand.

Our infographic answers key questions about New Zealand ecommerce, such as:

  • Where do most New Zealand imports come from and which countries does it export to?
  • What are the best-selling B2B and B2C products in New Zealand?
  • How many Kiwi online shoppers are there?

All this data and much more is all laid out in a clean, easy-to-follow format and available for free download from Acapture.

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