• Desktop, mobile and tablet checkouts
  • Slips seamlessly into your existing visual presentation
  • Fast and intuitive process with minimum fields and forms
  • Reporting system allows you to track your website visitors and buyers
  • Clear progress indicator keeps the buyer engaged
Desktop, mobile and tablet checkouts

Remove every barrier between browsing and buying

In the packed, fast-paced ecommerce market, your competitor is only a click away

That’s why you have to be sure you keep your buyer engaged at every step of their journey. A complex, slow, restricted checkout is one of the major causes of cart abandonment.

Acapture’s desktop, mobile and tablet checkouts are optimized to meet the needs of the modern online buyer

This clear, quick process is just a simple step in the shopping process, ensuring every shopper completes their purchase without interruption or error.

Start accepting payments with Acapture

Download our white paper Payments Optimization

Understanding which payment methods generate the best conversion rates results in the most effective offering. By following the actionable steps outlined in this paper, merchants can simplify their payments optimization process.