What payment service does the sharing economy need?

The P2P sharing economy has revolutionized the way we access products and services. By allowing companies  and consumers to deal directly with one another, platforms like Airbnb and Getaround have forged an entirely new business model. It is also a lucrative one, as P2P marketplaces collect a healthy commission on  every deal. This model creates certain payment complexities, however. Indeed, payments are one of the most pressing issues facing the industry, significantly impacting business growth.

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Why CROWDYHOUSE chose Acapture

CROWDYHOUSE, the premier launch platform and marketplace for the world’s best designers and makers, allows design fans to buy directly from the source. It won the Accenture Innovation Award in 2014 and was one of WIRED’s 100 Hot European Startups in 2015.

In its early days, CROWDYHOUSE’s local Dutch payment service provider was all the company needed to handle the transactions being made on its platform. Yet, as it entered a period of rapid growth, it quickly became apparent the innovative marketplace would need a more powerful payment solution.

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