Fraud Optimizer

  • Optimizes fraud prevention while maximizing your revenue
  • Uses data mining to identify fraud and reduce false positives
  • Flexible enough to change as your business needs develop
  • Tailor-made to suit your brand, customer and product range
  • Deals with card scheme requirements and seasonal risk without disrupting your processes
Anti-fraud solution

Protecting good business while preventing fraud

Effective risk management is all about balance

You need to put enough restrictions in place to lock the fraudsters out while keeping the payment process smooth so honest customers can access your products easily.

Acapture’s Fraud Optimizer does just that and more

This powerful risk management tool uses in-depth data on customer behavior to identify suspicious activity before it harms your business, while ensuring your known customer profiles are never rejected.

Global card processing solutions

Fraud Optimizer identifies risky behavior such as:

Use of multiple credit cards at various intervals

Mismatched card issuer country, customer location, order location or delivery location

Use of free or disposable email addresses

Order value greater than average purchase

Unusual payment attempts using alternative payment methods

Purchasing currency too risky to acknowledge

Card identifying numbers known for fraud

Email domain used for purchase known for fraud

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