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Online Travel Agencies - ReportTravel bookings are, according to Forrester Research, the single biggest component of all ecommerce business. This is the age of the Online Travel Agency (OTA) and, by 2017, the worldwide revenue for online travel is expected to hit USD830 billion. The fight for the biggest share of this huge sum is set to be ferocious. OTAs will need to jump quickly on the trends and innovations that are driving the industry forward to succeed.

Though developing rapidly in every region of the world, this is a sector in a state of continuous disruption. P2P services like Airbnb are rearranging the supply chain. OTA giants like Expedia and Priceline Group are consolidating their power at the top by purchasing their closest competitors. Innovations in wearable tech, greater access to customer data and more powerful mobile devices are all forcing sellers to rethink their business models. Meanwhile, in China, the world’s future largest travel market, the sector moves by a different set of rules, with a nuanced customer base and its own, dominant homegrown OTAs.

Acapture’s latest whitepaper, Online Travel Agencies, puts this rapidly expanding, rapidly changing, brutally competitive sector under the microscope. It looks at all the crucial elements of the global OTA market, analyzing the main trends, investigating activity in the various regions, assessing the risks, showing the opportunities and monitoring customer behavior.

Looking for country infographics? Please check out our infographic library or download: Consumer Behavior in Online Travel Infographic.

This is your clear picture of a progressively complex industry: a guide through the crowded online travel marketplace across the crucial coming years.


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